2017 Chambers Europe & USA research: What have we learned?


As research for Chambers USA and Chambers Europe enters its final phase, here is what we have learned from the research cycle, having submitted 100s of submissions for local and international firms.

  • Competition for ranking spots is fierce, making client referee response rates more crucial than ever. Key takeaway: Select the right referees and make sure you have a system in place for encouraging them to respond in a timely manner.
  • Chambers received more submissions than ever this year. Key takeaway: Be concise and focus on key messages, so that your submissions stand out from the crowd.
  • Chambers is increasingly using online surveys when reaching out to referees. Referees are invited to provide feedback on specific lawyers from a dropdown list. Key takeaway: Some of your lawyers might be missing from the list, so referees should be instructed to manually add a lawyer’s name if he/she doesn’t appear.
  • Chambers USA researchers are increasingly offering only one chance to get referee response rate data. Key takeaway: Time your request right to ensure that your lawyers have enough time to follow up with referees if necessary.
  • Chambers does not offer all submitting firms an interview. Key takeaway: Get your submission in by the deadline to increase your chance of getting an interview.

In sum, it pays to keep on top of the periodic tweaks to Chambers’ internal policies and best practice. What worked well for your firm previously may well not be as effective in years to come.