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Your Complete Guide to Legal Awards

August 4, 2023
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"Do legal awards make any difference when we are considered against our competitors?"

"What's the optimal submission length, and what do we focus on?"

"Which Partners should we be nominating?"

These are some of the common queries our clients raise as they embark on their journey of legal award submissions. In fact, the questions came up so frequently that we've compiled our team’s knowledge — the world’s largest team of legal marketing specialists — and written a comprehensive guide on just that topic.

Brimming with answers, Your Complete Guide to Legal Awards expands on our previous writing about the benefits of legal awards, how to write a legal award entry, and our own successes with legal awards at Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing.

In Your Complete Guide to Legal Awards, we cover:

1. Whether you should enter a legal award

Most legal marketing professionals will receive unfamiliar award finalist emails, prompting the question: when should you engage? This question then extends into a legal award’s role in your law firm's marketing strategy. Recognising the place of legal awards in long-term business development and goal support can help overcome such barriers.

2. How to choose an appropriate legal award

How can you verify an award's legitimacy before committing resources? Is it associated with a respected organisation? Is it tied to a well-known industry body, a smaller award, and does this matter? Are fees common? All this, and more, is covered in Your Complete Guide to Legal Awards.

3. How to write a winning entry

Once you’ve chosen a reputable, suitable award, one that fits your long-term business development and marketing strategy goals, how do you write your entry? It is both a tactical and creative activity, and Your Guide to Legal Awards provides seven things to consider when doing so.

4. How to make the most of being shortlisted or winning

Congratulations on your award nomination or win! After investing substantial time and effort, celebrating your legal marketing success is vital to sustaining momentum.

If you would like support on the legal awards cycle, from research to writing to what to do when you’re nominated or win, get in touch with Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing’s team of experts today.
Download Complete Guide to Legal Awards here