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Legal directory submissions

Legal directory submissions can be time-consuming. Kidd Aitken significantly eases the burden on your firm, freeing up your time so you can continue to work on what’s important. We can undertake the entire process, from submission to aligning the interviews that follow. That’s why we have grown our client base and are now the world’s largest legal directory submissions consultancy.

With legal directories off your hands, your time and that of your business development and marketing teams can be directed elsewhere. Our aim is to add value, enhance your existing team functions, and, ultimately, grow your law firm. We advise on the best ways to improve your legal directory rankings. Plus, we inform and bring fresh insight to your Partners along the way. 

We are the only legal directory consultancy with a team of
coordinators dedicated to the post-submission process. Using our expertise, we enhance your success in the rankings, with assurances of comprehensive post-submission processes and feedback.

Improve your legal directory rankings

At Kidd Aitken, we believe the best form of legal marketing for any law firm is to rank high within prestigious legal directories. Equally, we know first-hand how frustrating and time-consuming the process of submissions can be. However, the importance of legal directories should not be ignored.

69% of GCs refer to a legal directory recommendation before instructing a law firm. We combine a rigorous and methodical process to gain insight into your firm and Partners with the expertise of former legal directory editors and researchers from Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500, IFLR1000, and more. We help you streamline your submissions process, optimise your legal directory submissions, and manage your client feedback processes.

Kidd Aitken helps your firm achieve the rankings you deserve.

To achieve a rank in Chambers, as a firm or individual Partner, is a profound achievement. Chambers & Partners is one of the most prestigious legal directories in the world, operating across 200 jurisdictions and compiling guides with detailed rankings of the world’s leading lawyers. Our co-founders, Daniel Kidd and Jacob Aitken, are both ex-Chambers editors, founding both first editions of the Chambers Asia-Pacific and Latin America guides respectively in 2008. We take advantage of Chambers’ cumulative ranking system and have up-to-date information on their internal, three-part ranking framework that influences final ranking decisions.

To be ranked in The Legal 500 is recognition of your firm’s or Partners’ expertise and authority in a highly competitive field. The Legal 500 submissions process emphasises the bench strength of your team and consistency of quality across team members. These are core aspects Kidd Aitken takes into account when advising on best practice for The Legal 500 submissions.

Your legal directory consultant

Though the bulk of our legal directory submissions requests are for Chambers or Legal 500, our team of experts have a wealth of experience in submitting listings and improving rankings in many other legal directories, including:

Our legal directory submission process

Define goals & strategy

Kidd Aitken works with you to define short, medium and long-term strategies for your legal directory submissions. Meaning you are more likely to rank highly and maintain that ranking in a competitive landscape. We are up to date on all criteria that legal directories use for their ranking outcomes. Including Chambers’ internal three-part ranking system and cumulative research process that influence final ranking decisions.

Prepare your submissions

Over the course of our team’s collective careers, we have reviewed tens of thousands of submissions for Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500, ILFR1000 and more. We know how to create legal directory submissions that catch the attention of the researcher. Our team optimise them for concision and value. Making sure that each statement highlights your standout attributes and sets you apart from your competitors.

Post-submission feedback

The client and peer feedback process is vital to improving your legal directory rankings. Kidd Aitken is the only legal directory consultancy that has a team of post-feedback coordinators who manage the entire process for you. Compiling referee lists, aligning interviews, and managing feedback. We regularly check-in and update you on feedback progress, ensuring that you are informed of all developments, every step of the way.