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Chambers Europe 2021 Guide deadlines are released

January 26, 2023

Covering 22 countries and 59 different practice areas, the Chambers Europe guide is a comprehensive ranking of the top solicitors and law firms in Europe. The deadlines have now been released for the upcoming 2021/22 research cycle and the subsequent Chambers Europe 2021 guide.

The Chambers research process is precise and thorough, analysing a firm and its Partners’ legal talent, professionalism, client service and more. However, a ranking is not solely predicated on the quality of the submission alone. Chambers emphasises the importance of the referee process and gaining unbiased, external evaluations from clients and peers. Preparing a submission and the associated client referees is a time-consuming process. That’s why we have collated all the deadlines for practice areas and regions featured in the Chambers Europe 2021 guide for navigational ease.

You can download the Excel spreadsheet by clicking the link below and filter by country or jurisdiction to find out specific deadlines relevant to your firm: Chambers Europe 2021 Guide Deadlines

If you require additional guidance to create your own submissions, our on-demand webinar, Best Practice for Managing Submissions and Improving Rankings, is available to watch at your convenience. In this webinar, you will learn how to strategise your legal directory submissions, how to write an effective submission and how to make the most of the client referee process.

If you would like personal advice, please do get in touch. We can either advise on best practice or can work alongside you to prepare submissions, including the post-submission referee feedback process. You can contact us here.

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