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Making the most out of your legal directory rankings

January 16, 2024

The legal directory submissions process often feels like a box ticking exercise for lawyers and their business development team. However, the legal directory rankings and accompanying client comments can be a key part of your firm’s wider marketing strategy.

1. The legal directories offer an excellent opportunity to receive independent client feedback. The guides publish positive client comments which firms might not otherwise see. Of course, all the comments are positive, but it can form part of a wider client listening exercise to help improve retention and growth. E.g. How have your comments changed over the years? Is a lawyer missing feedback so possibly needs to engage more with their clients?

2. Client feedback can be used in marketing materials throughout the year and gives a personal recommendation for individual lawyers / barristers. This is also good opportunity to update current marketing materials, particularly lawyer website profiles (which can in turn strengthen legal directory submissions).

 3. You can see where you are placing in the market, which might not be completely accurate in your eyes, but it’s a good gauge to use when crafting your marketing strategy for the year. Who are the lawyers you want to increase visibility on? Which practice areas need more promotion? Which competitors have been ranked? What sort of market trends are forecast?

 4. Improve Partner engagement with the legal directory process. Seeing the reputational advantages of a legal directory ranking and reading their client’s comments makes the work required for directory submissions worthwhile.

 5. Having your firm and lawyers ranked can help attract top tier lawyers and talented law students by enhancing your firm’s reputation in the market.

These are a few ways to leverage your legal directory rankings as part of a wider marketing strategy. Work with us to discover more ways Kidd Aitken can bring their depth of knowledge and experience to your business development plans. If you would like to learn more about how legal directory rankings can benefit your law firm, get in touch.

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