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Join the debate: Are legal directories worth it?

January 26, 2023

There is always a collective deep intake of breath when law firms talk about legal directories and the submissions process. It’s known to be time-consuming, complex and arduous. It's a wonder that thousands of law firms undertake this process every year. That’s why we’re asking the question, ‘Are legal directories worth it?’.

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Of course, we’re biased. Not only do we run a legal directories consultancy, but our team is full of ex-editors and researchers from the most prestigious legal directories. In fact, at one legal conference our founders touted banners and mugs stating, ‘We ❤️  legal directory submissions’. Curious attendees approached us with questions, not quite believing their eyes.However, clients often question the time and investment required for legal directory submissions. That’s why we have decided to tackle this issue head on.

What to expect:

Please join us on the 25th March at 4pm GMT for an insightful debate on whether legal directories are indeed worth it. If you've been pondering this very question, then this is a webinar that shouldn’t be missed.Hosted by Kidd Aitken’s co-founders and former Chambers editors, Daniel Kidd and Jacob Aitken.

We will discuss:

  • Do rankings lead to an increase in instructions?
  • Are they a fruitful recruitment tool?
  • Do they accurately represent your firm and Partners’ talent?

And if you have questions of your own, Kidd Aitken and our panel will be happy to contribute their thoughts, views, opinions and insights.Register today for this webinar. And don’t forget to bring all those difficult questions to put our panel on the spot.If you can't join us at this time and date, you can still register to receive an on-demand recording after the live webinar concludes."

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