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Press Release: Global Legal Directory Consultancy celebrates exponential growth

January 26, 2023

2nd August 2021: The world’s largest legal directory consultancy continues to expand. Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing has welcomed 20 new employees since July 2020, experiencing year-on-year company growth of 50%. The legal marketing firm now comprises 39 team members globally.

This comes as Kidd Aitken ramps up staff resources to meet the growing demand for its services and to expand both its client base and service offering to other law firms. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Kidd Aitken has continued to onboard law firms looking to outsource their legal directory submissions. Indeed, the number of clients has grown by 15%. The recruitment drive is vital to Kidd Aitken, to enable the team to continue to offer the same highly technical and high-quality service to law firms around the world. The team expansion includes Legal Directory Specialists, Junior Legal Directory Specialists, Coordinators, and Document Production Team Members all qualified with prior experience in legal directories, the wider legal sector and business consultancy. The company celebrated their fifth anniversary in December 2020, compounding the success of the expansion. Kidd Aitken began with 16 law firm clients in their first year and now work with over 115 firms, with national and regional firms across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia and international and independent law firms in mainland Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

International expansion for the legal directory consultancy

Already a global organisation, Kidd Aitken has also established a new team base in Mexico. Enabling the company to work in real-time with clients in the US, Central and Latin American time zones, from Alaska to Argentina. This office is in addition to the UK HQ and network of international team members, based around the world. The Mexican team is led by co-founder and director Daniel Kidd, with new coordinators Nikita Bout King, Raisah Ali and Victoria Soria Morales. The high-quality standards of the Kidd Aitken team continue with these appointments. Both Nikita and Raisah have MBAs and Victoria has a BA in International Affairs, and has spent six months with the General Consulate of Spain. Daniel Kidd says, “We welcome our new starters at a very exciting time for Kidd Aitken. We are growing, evolving and expanding our service offering to clients all over the world. And there are no plans to slow down any time soon.

“The founding of our new Mexico Kidd Aitken team has been a big step for us as a company and clients have already commented to say how helpful it has been to have team members in the same time zone and able to work together simultaneously. For me, ‘on the ground’, it’s been especially exciting and with our future growth plans, we are very much looking forward to see what the future holds.” Jacob Aitken, co-founder and director, says, “We’re incredibly proud of the growth that Kidd Aitken has experienced over the past 12 months. Especially given the tough conditions for many businesses due to the global pandemic. Without the continued support from our clients, this expansion would not have been possible in such a short time frame.“We have experienced a growing demand for our services over recent years as more law firms learn about the benefit of a legal directory ranking. It is for that reason that we have expanded so rapidly.”

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