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Illuminating Regional Spotlight Tables

June 18, 2024

Chambers has begun launching Regional Spotlight Guides as standalone Guides with their own submissions, research and ranking. But what are they and should you be participating?

Regional Spotlights showcase small – medium sized law firms prominent in their regional market. The intention is to recognize law firms and lawyers who offer an alternative to ‘Big Law’. The Spotlights are only for the USA at present, with Texas, Florida, North Carolina and New York. (Ohio and Illinois are launching soon with more states, practice areas and possibly countries likely launching in the future).

What is the purpose of Regional Spotlights?

According to the Chambers website, it is aimed at in-house counsel or large companies “seeking specialized support from smaller firms at a state or local level.” It offers clients and in-house counsel more options and local expertise.

How is this different to Chambers USA or another Guide?

There are three key differences;

1. Being spotlighted does not relate to a ranking in the Chambers USA Guide.

2. The table doesn’t have bands. Each firm is spotlighted, rather than ranked in the traditional ‘Band 1’, ‘Band 2’ and so forth.

3. These have an independent research schedule to Chambers USA. The process is similar but the deadlines, research and launch dates are different.

Should we submit for a Regional Spotlight?

These Guides are aimed at firms with under 50 attorneys, not currently ranked and that express interest in participating. Not all practice areas are covered so it’s best to check your state and practice area are included.  

If you want to get involved but aren’t sure that you meet the criteria above, don’t worry. You may still be able to get involved (see below) or get in touch with the Chambers USA team to encourage them to research your state/practice area.

How can I get involved?

Register your interest with Chambers USA research team (here).

Line up your work highlights and referees. (Consider what makes your firm stand out in the regional market in terms of cases, expertise and lawyers.)

Want to learn more?

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