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Making the most of your legal marketing consultancy

January 26, 2023

An external legal marketing consultancy can be the key to future growth for law firms. Helping to improve legal directory rankings, build reputations and help you to stand out among your peers – all by working with internal and external experts. But it is essential that firms and Partners reap maximum benefit from this knowledge. In this blog, Kidd Aitken’s Head of Europe and Latin America Giseli Farias describes her own experience working with law firms’ business development and marketing teams, offers her tips for making the most of legal marketing consultants’ experience and expertise and outlines the key values that we, as legal marketing consultants, appreciate from the law firms we work with.

Tips for maximising your legal marketing consultancy

Concise communication

The phrase ‘time is money’ has never been more applicable than in the legal industry. Which is why efficiency and concision are critical tools in all communications, whether in face-to-face meetings or via email. Neither consultant nor Partner will appreciate unnecessarily long-winded emails or waffling conversations – and these could potentially place you at a disadvantage. Before starting, ensure that you know what you want to achieve with any communications.

Ask questions

Legal marketing consultants are the experts in all things legal marketing. To maximise their expertise, ensure that you learn as much as possible from them and take the time to consider what you want to learn more about. Are you interested in:

• Increasing Partner buy-in for marketing activities?

• Maximising your firm’s and Partners’ legal directory rankings?

• Ranking in the most prestigious legal directories, such as Chambers and The Legal 500?

Whether legal marketing professionals are being brought on for a long-term strategy, one-off workshop or similarly short-term projects, ensure you use your time with them wisely.

Put the person first

The fast-paced, complex nature of the legal sector means that relationships can sometimes become fraught – as in any industry. Having worked with hundreds of law firms in jurisdictions across the globe, we understand the impact positive relationships can have on consolidating a firm’s reputation. Crucial to any successful relationship is mutual respect. Whether you have brought in a consultancy to support your internal teams or as outsourced legal directory consultants, it always does well to get to know them and their consultancy’s processes and be appreciative when they go the extra mile for your individual firm’s practice group submission. Even though the legal industry is frequently characterised as intense and changing rapidly, it is important to remember that you catch flies with honey rather than vinegar. The other party will thank you for it! The expertise of a legal marketing consultancy will help you understand the necessary actions for your firm’s future growth. By maximising your time spent with them, you can utilise and leverage their knowledge to achieve your desired legal directory rankings and wider legal industry reputation.

How Kidd Aitken works with law firms

Since our founding in 2015, we have worked with hundreds of law firms to improve their legal directory rankings or kickstart their legal directory submissions journey. This means that we have worked with hundreds of marketing and business development teams, as well as Partners and legal directory researchers and writers.

We call ourselves external experts with an insider’s knowledge.

Through our years of experience, having handled over 10,000 legal directory submissions for Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500 and other prestigious directories, we have the tools to understand the depths of your firm’s and Partners’ expertise and how to use it to your advantage. Any quality legal marketing consultancy should be at the forefront of their field and understand the complexities of navigating these important operations within the fast-paced legal sector.

Kidd Aitken works seamlessly alongside firms’ business development and marketing teams to achieve successful rankings. Leaving these busy teams to focus on their own day-to-day activities, while also liaising with researchers and referees. If you are interested in working with Kidd Aitken on legal directory submissions, workshops and more, contact us today – we promise that our communications will be seamless.

Giseli Farias, Head of Europe and Latin America

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