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Kidd Aitken named 'Legal Marketing Consultancy of the Year'

January 26, 2023

We are delighted to announce that CorporateLiveWire has recognised Kidd Aitken as the 'Legal Marketing Consultancy of the Year' as part of their 2021 Innovation & Excellence Awards.The awards aim to identify the "pioneers, ground-breakers, trailblazers and out-of-the-box thinkers" in the corporate sphere. Each category winner is selected for having shaped the world in some way. Establishing new trends. Evolving industry standards. And creating new technologies within their sector. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when choosing the winners. Ranging from eye-opening insights to inventive marketing strategies."This is a great start to 2021 for Kidd Aitken," said Daniel Kidd, co-founder and co-director of Kidd Aitken.

"We have seen some great success for our clients after the latest publications from Chambers and The Legal 500. This is testament to all the hard work our team has put in over the last twelve months." Jacob Aitken, co-founder and co-director, added, "Kidd Aitken's purpose is to ease the burden that legal directory submissions can create for law firms. As former Chambers editors ourselves, we know exactly how to help our clients optimise their submissions and follow best practice in the submissions process.

We're very proud that CorporateLiveWire have acknowledged and recognised our contribution to this sector. ”The Innovation & Excellence Awards celebrate the success and achievements of leading companies who stand out from the crowd. For being results driven, service focused and having an innovative approach to demonstrate exceptional business performance.

Jacob continues, “We've been hard at work improving rankings for our clients across the board. And we've produced a considerable amount of educational content for both clients and non-clients over the last 6 months. With the aim of making the legal directory submissions processes easier to understand - as we know, first-hand, how complex it can seem."

The next steps for the Legal Marketing Consultancy of the Year

"We hosted our final webinar of 2020 on Best Practice for Managing Submissions and Improving Rankings which was very well received. Now, we're currently in the initial stages of planning our next webinar for March 2021," said Daniel.“Equally, gender diversity within legal directories has been a huge topic in 2020. And for good reason. We published a blog piece on the subject which also contained advice for firms seeking guidance on assuring equal representation for their Partners. In addition, we're planning a follow-up white paper to explore the issue even further and take into account the latest ranking results.""There's a lot in the pipeline for Kidd Aitken, and we're tremendously excited to see where we go from here," Jacob added.

Kidd Aitken is the world’s largest legal directories and legal awards consultancy. We believe that appearing in the top tiers of legal directory rankings is the best form of marketing any law firm can have. It elevates your firm. Highlights your specialisms. And catapults the reputation of your Partners. Our international team comprises former editors and researchers from Chambers, Legal 500 and other major legal directories who operate in both the US and UK time zones. We undertake the entire legal directory submission process, significantly easing the burden on firms. Including the tricky post-submission feedback process.CorporateLiveWire is a global platform that provides business professionals the latest in business news and developments throughout the world. Their annual Innovation & Excellence Awards attract voters from 32 countries and nearly 25,000 votes were cast to choose the winners.If you’d like to find out how Kidd Aitken could help your firm with legal directory rankings, please click here to get in touch.